2021 – 2022 TAAT Annual Report

Pages: 48

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This report is a production of the TAAT Program Management Unit and the TAAT
Clearinghouse. The Editors received contributions in stories and photos from TAAT Compact
Coordinators. The TAAT Communications Unit provided complimentary photographs
included in this report.

2020 Annual Report

Pages: 46

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Size: 14.3

The program’s achievements in 2020 are exhibited through success
stories showing how TAAT is building a pathway to transformation and
resilience through the deployment of proven agricultural technologies
for large scale adoption across the continent and by building sustainable
knowledge infrastructure with public partners. The information
highlights tangible results and first-hand accounts of how TAAT is
helping rural farming communities

2019 Annual Report

Pages: 94

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Technologies for African Agricultural Transformation (TAAT) program is funded by the African Development Bank in an effort to increase agricultural productivity in Africa through the deployment of proven and high-performance and climates smart agricultural technologies.

2018 Annual Report

Pages: 66

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TAAT in 2018: Preparing For African Agricultural Transformation

Origin and Foundation of TAAT

Vision of success

TAAT Program Implementation Structure

TAAT Program startup and coordination of Program activities

The Concept of Technology Toolkit and its role in Scaling Up

Partnerships for Technology Delivery

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Framework

Technology deployment in 2018

Activities of TAAT Technology Delivery Compacts

Enabler Compacts as a Unique Feature of TAAT

Communicating technology delivery

Conclusion and Plans for 2019

TAAT Financials for 2018

Who’s Who in TAAT in 2018

TAAT Updates 2018 Issue 001

Pages: 60

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TAAT celebrates 143 Interventions in 132 Sites across Africa

  • TAAT Approach to Combating Fall Armyworm Offers Hope to Millions of Smallholder Farmers in sub-Saharan Africa
  • TAAT’s Business Platform approach boosts access to High Iron Beans in Zimbabwe
  • How TAAT’s deployment of feed resources is meeting Ethiopia’s livestock needs
  • TAAT records increased food production and income through maize technologies