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Imazapyr Resistant Maize For Striga Management (IR Maize)

Technology / Solution

IR maize is an improved maize variety that is modified to be resistant to imazapyr, a herbicide protecting the crop against parasitic Striga weeds. The imidazolinone-resistant (IR) maize varieties are coated with low doses of herbicide imazapyr for early Striga control before or during attachment to the maize roots.

Golden Maize Varieties (Vitamin A Biofortified)

Technology / Solution

Golden maize is a pro-vitamin A-enriched variety.

Central and South America lines that are naturally provitamin A enriched are crossed with elite natural land varieties and hybrid lines of local maize. The local varieties have high yield potentials and are disease resistant and drought tolerant.

Insecticides For Fall Army Worm (FAW) Control

Technology / Solution

The technology consists of coating the seeds with a specialized insecticide before being planted. The insecticide applied to the seed secures the young plant by protecting it from early season chewing and sucking pests.

Insecticides For Fall Armyworm (FAW) Control

Technology / Solution

This technology is a set of insecticides to use over the crop life cycle against the Fall armyworm to protect the maize crop. It includes seed treatment and foliar applications.

Processing High-Quality Flour From Cassava

Technology / Solution

High-quality casssava flour (HQCF) is a gluten-free product, made through a series of step. As it is not feremented like some other processed foods it odorless. It is white or off-white making it an easier substitute and/or additive to other flours

Golden Cassava Varieties (Vitamin A Biofortified)

Technolgoy/ Solution

Yellow-fleshed cassava is a vitamin A enriched variety.

The variety is the result of the cross-breefing of natural lines containing high levels of provitamin A and hybrid lines with higher yield potential, disease resistance and drought tolerance.

Disease Resistant Cassava Varieties

Technology / Solution

Cassava disease resistant varieties are elite lines with dual resistance to cassava mosaic and brown streak diseases. These varieties offer farmers a powerful means to combat two prevalent cassava viruses that cause mosaic disease or brown streak disease.

Cassava Varieties With High Dry Matter And Starch Content


Cassava varieties with high dry matter and starch content are a set of varieties such as Darmer’s Pride (TMS-961632), Ayaya (TME419) and UMUCASS 41(CR36-5)…

Cassava Seed-bulking Farms


Seed-bulking farms for cassava provide quality planting material to smallholder farmers directly close ti their field.

Semi Autotrophic Hydroponics Cassava Seedlings Production


The SAH technology is a rapid, low-cost, and pathogen-free propagation technique of cassava planting material. In-vitro seedlings are placed in semi-controlled, seni-hydroponic (modified soil and little water in trays) conditions.