This document has been prepared under the supervision of Mr. Chiji OJUKWU, Director- OSAN by Mr. Ken B. JOHM, Lead Agricultural Economist-OSAN with Mr. Olagoke. OLADAPO, Chief Agro Economist-OSAN.3; Mr. Walter ODHIAMBO, Chief Strategy Officer-COSP; Mr. Edson MPYISI; Principal Agricultural Economist-OSAN; Ms. Mariam YINUSA, Senior Financial Economist-OSAN.3 and with contributions from Mr. C. MOLLINEDO, Chief Strategist-COSP, Ms. M. DIOP-LY, Principal Health Analyst-OSHD.3, Ms. M. MOOTOLA, Director-ONRI; Mr. G. AJUMBO, Chief Trade and Regional Integration Officer-ONRI.2; Mr. A. RUGAMBA, Director-ONEC; Mr. B. ISSAHAKU, Principal Social Protection Officer-OSHD.1; Ms. M. RUIZ, Chief Gender Officer-OSHD.0; Ms. M KANGA, Director-ORCE; Mr. V. NEERAJ, Chief Investment Officer- OPSD.2; Mr. J. WAHOME, Lead Economist-ORWA; Mr. J. KABYEMERA, Coordinator-CDSF; Mr. J. KOLSTER, Director-ORNA; Mr. A. MWENDA, Lead Economist-EARC; Mr. B. KANU, Lead Agriculture Expert-OSAN; Mr. R. MASUMBUKO, Ag. Division Manager-OFSD.2; Ms. V. DABADY, Manager,FRMB.2; Ms. C. ONUKOGU, Principal Resource Mobilization Officer-FRMB.2, Ms. R. OFFEI-AWUKU, Senior Poverty Economist-OSHD.1, Ms. S. KAYODE-ANGLADE, Senior Investment Officer-OPSD.2