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Agricultural Transformation in Maize Producing Areas of Africa
2021 – 2022 TAAT Annual Report

This report is a production of the TAAT Program Management Unit and the TAAT
Clearinghouse. The Editors received contributions in stories and photos from TAAT Compact
Coordinators. The TAAT Communications Unit provided complimentary photographs
included in this report.

Technologies du Programme TAAT
Varietes De Ble Resistantes A La Mouche De Hesse
Varieties De Ble Tolerantes A La Chaleur Et A La Secheresse
Systemes de Mouture Et De melange De La Farine De Ble
Inoculant Pour Soja: Nodumax
Inoculant Pour Soja: Nodumax
Technique De Gestion De L’azote (Placement Profound De L’uree)